March 5: Read All about It! UUA Common Read Discussion

covers of Indigenous Peoples' History of the US and young people's versionAre you reading it yet? The UUA Common Read, that is?

This year’s selection–An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United Statesis in two versions including one for young people. Our youth are reading this version and preparing to lead discussions on March 5 and March 22..  Books are available for sale at UUFA on the Justice table after services.

The March 5  discussion will be held from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the home of Vivian Sellers.  Please RSVP before then in order that enough seats and pizza will be available.

To sign up for March 5 or to ask questions, contact Vivian (

The March 22 Common Read discussion will be held at the Fellowship beginning at noon in the Eskildsen Room, so grab your Fourth Sunday lunch and join in.

All are welcome to attend either discussion or both whether you have read the book or not.