Ready to Become a Member of UUFA?

Are you ready to become an official member of the UU Fellowship of Athens? If so, we want to include you in the next New Member Ceremony to be held during the service on Sunday, March 15.

To become a member, you must either have attended a “New to UUFA” orientation session or met with Rev. Alison. Afterwards, you can sign a Covenant of Membership form (available at the Visitor’s Station). Signing this form sets in motion plans to include you in the ceremony.

If you haven’t already, please contact Larry Dendy on the Membership Committee to let him know your interest.

If you have not attended an orientation or met with Rev. Alison, please contact her ( to set up a meeting. The next “New to UUFA” newcomer orientation will be Saturday, April 25, from 8:45 a.m. til noon.