UUA LGBTQ Ministries: Gender Justice Conversations

Jade here. Five months into my expanded role as LGBTQ Ministries and Clara Barton Gender Justice fellow, I am deep in the journey of my mission to help build a new vision of Gender Justice with Unitarian Universalism that is truly trans and nonbinary inclusive.

According to a report conducted by TRUUsT in 2018, most trans and nonbinary UUs do not feel fully welcomed in UU spaces. At the same time, there has historically been friction between “traditional” (white, cis) “feminism” and trans and nonbinary inclusion. I believe that true Gender Justice must not be exclusionary. To that end, I want to listen, to understand, and to help form a plan.

To do that, I’ve been hosting Gender Justice Conversations with UUs from all over via Zoom and, when possible, in person.
To read more about Gender Justice Conversations, click here.