Joys, Sorrows, Milestones – Spring 2020

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In keeping with our “Sharing Our Joys, Sorrows, and Milestones” procedure (click on the blue link for details), the following people asked to have their notes from a recent Sunday service shared with you. Notes from the last four weeks are posted.

Week of March 15, 2020

Debbie Hardegree shares the sorrow of my precious Mama’s death on March 13 was lessened by the many emails, cards, comments and phone calls from my UUFA friends. Thank you all so much.

Helene Brittain writes, “Recently, I began wearing a continuous glucose monitor. This is an innovation for diabetes management. It is a milestone in my 50 years with type 1 diabetes, and I am grateful to have it.”

Rosemary Wood reports that just two weeks after writing an obituary for her late brother, her sister suddenly died. She is now the only surviving sibling in her family.


Sunday, March 8, 2020

Barbara Leissner shares “When I was a little girl in the early 30’s, I learned to sing “This Little Light of Mine” in a Swedish summer camp. It brings back fond memories.

Rosalie Solheim has a milestone birthday this week and becomes a nonagenarian! Happy Birthday, Rosalie.

Elizabeth Bishop-Martin celebrated the life of her brother, Richard Bishop, in Urbana, Illinois, last weekend. His children created a wonderful memorial service where we sang two hymns from the UU hymnal.


Sunday, March 1, 2020

Rosemary Wood let us know her brother died in late February after a long, arduous journey for his family and himself. He was diagnosed in December 2018, and she is relieved he is no longer in pain. A private graveside funeral will take place Sunday.

Deb Brenner has a trip planned to Gothenburg, Sweden, this week to see her son, daughter-in-law and grand children. Her family has been researching and seriously considering whether it is wise for her to travel internationally. They hope to make a decision this afternoon.