Joys, Sorrows, Milestones – Spring 2020

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In keeping with our “Sharing Our Joys, Sorrows, and Milestones” procedure (click on the blue link for details), the following people asked to have their notes from a recent Sunday service shared with you. Notes from the last four weeks are posted.

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Week of May 17, 2020

Mary Jean Hartel shares two joys: “First, my husband Peter had a “mild” heart attack on Sunday and returned home Wednesday with a new stent in his heart. And second, he returned home in time to make my birthday apple pie for Sunday 17th when I turn 70!!! My mom always called me on my birthday to say, “I remember the day you were born.” She always said it like it was a good thing.”

Lee Cornell joyfully announces that, “After weathering a few vacations, a major home remodel, and now a global pandemic I decided there’s not much more to test a relationship with, and asked Donna Clement to marry me. She said yes! Details are evolving as life adjusts to the virus.”


Week of May 10, 2020

John Schell announced that Barb’s 70th birthday was Friday, May 8th. “She is getting ready too explode a whole new decade!”

Gary and Lynn Rinker celebrated their 12th Anniversary on May 9th. Congratulations!


Week of May 3, 2020

Rev. Alison Eskildsen shared that her father, Arnold Wilbur, died one month short of his 98th birthday, in Virginia, after a brief bout with COVID-19, complicated by other health challenges. She writes, “Thank you to all who have expressed sympathy for my loss. It is comforting to have so many friends here, especially since the pandemic prevents me from being with family up north.”