February 10: Spiritual Exploration and Practices Group

Cleta Rudolph and Kathy Mason have studied broadly in the area of spiritual traditions and meditation practices to support their spiritual journeys.  They are seeking like-minded travelers to study and share ways to engage spiritually in their daily lives.  Specifically, like-minded travelers who will have studied and applied meditation practices as well as direct method approaches to spiritual development from East and West wisdom traditions.  The group will draw from various books, such as The Untethered Soul, websites, and Rupert Spira works from the UUMystics.org site.

The next UUFA Spiritual Exploration and Practices Group will meet on February 10 at 2:00 p.m. in the UU Heritage Room. If interested, contact either Cleta Rudolph (614-390-2122 or cjrrpr@sbcglobal.net} or Kathy Mason (678-661-0394 or kkmason@aol.com).