Play UUFA Bingo! Now through February 19

Make Connections! Get Engaged! Stay Active!

Between January 5 and February 19, we offer you an opportunity to get engaged in the life of the Fellowship by playing UUFA Bingo. Anyone can play!

We have UUFA Bingo cards for adults and cards for kids (youth can choose which they would like to play). The cards list a variety of activities you can consider such as the following:

  • Invite a friend to Sunday service
  • Discuss questions printed in Sunday’s bulletin
  • Help set up for an upcoming Coffee House Concert
  • Sign up to be a Mystery Friend
  • Attend a community justice event

While you play, your card will be posted on the Fellowship Hall windows. As you complete an item, you can stamp the square to show it was done. We’ll have little prizes for completing rows or entire cards!

We hope you will participate–the all-Fellowship theme for January. It’s a great way for you to meet people, contribute to the Fellowship, or make an impact on the wider community.

If you have questions, please ask any Lay Minister (Carol-Lee Baker for Fun and Fellowship, Lee Cornell for Religious Exploration, or Iva King for Justice) or Rev. Alison, Music Director Amber Fetner, or Religious Exploration Director Kelli McConnell.