Have you registered in Realm yet!? Do it! (Click here for more information.)

Set up your account and update your privacy settings in Realm. (Already done this? Skip down to review all your options in Realm.)

  1. Register: Click on the link in the invitation email to register. If you haven’t received an invitation email, contact Shaye in the office (uufa@uuathensga.org). NOTE: the email will come from notifications@onrealmmail.org and have subject line of “Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Athens: Join our online community!” Search or check your spam folder if you don’t see it in your inbox.
  2. Change your privacy settings. After logging in, click on your name in the top right corner of the screen; then click on “Manage Privacy” from the drop-down menu. Choose “everyone” and click “SAVE” or contact Shaye in the office to change it for you. This allows your contact information to be shared with everyone in the online directory and group lists on Realm.
  3. Set up access on your smart phone! Click here for links to Realm Connect app or search in the ITunes or Google Play store. Install the app and sign in with your email and password.

NOTE:  All of your information is secure and only accessible by approved staff/volunteers, and your contact information and group affiliations can only be seen by other UUFA members and friends. The information should never be shared outside of UUFA and never used for solicitations of any kind.

Realm Options (log in first at onrealm.org/UUFA).

Finding Others in the UUFA community. There are several ways to find others in Realm.

  1. Search — Begin typing a name in the search bar at the top of the screen to the left of your name. You’ll see choices populate below the box. Choose the one you want. Very helpful if you only remember a first or last name!
  2. Online Directory (automatically updates when a new member/friend is added or someone updates their information) — On left menu bar, choose “Directory” to scroll through a list of members and friends. Click on a name to see other information about the person depending on the choices they’ve made in their own privacy settings.

NOTE: Ideally, you will see the groups a person is in, their birthday, as well as basic contact information. Names without any information either haven’t claimed their account in Realm, or changed their privacy settings.

3. PDF Fellowship Directory and Care Ring Directories (these static files are only updated a couple of times per year) – Choose “Groups” from the left menu, click on the first group “Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Athens,” then click on the tab “Files”. These lists contain only basic contact information, but no group memberships or other personal information.

NOTE:  Any information on either the online or PDF files should never be shared outside of UUFA and never used for solicitations of any kind.

Manage your pledge and online giving. Managing your giving is easy! Click on the “GIVING” tab on the left menu. Click on “+GIVE” to make a one-time gift online or set up recurring giving. Realm uses Vanco, a secure online payment processing center, to process your online gifts. When it’s time to pledge, click on “+PLEDGE” to enter your pledge. Contact Shaye in the office for assistance.