Thanks to volunteer help at September 28 workday (Click here to see pictures of the day!)

Our UUFA workday, Saturday, September 28, was a big success with cleaning inside and out.  There is now such a clear view outside the sanctuary windows that we can again see Bob Clements’ wonderful metal sculpture. Please thank these folks (pictured) for all their hard work:  Susan Brown, Sarah Cook, Gary Crider, Marguerite Holmes, Iva King, Larry King, Jim Porter, Karen Porter, Vivian Sellers, David Sweat, Liz Weaver, Harold Weber, Marie Weber, and Rosemary Wood along with Carol-Lee Baker for another deep cleaning of the kitchen and Herb West for valiantly hauling the big green chipper with his truck!

David and Gary save the slide and oak leaf hydrangea
Gary and Larry feed the big green chipping machine
Gary is a chain saw wizard
Gary supervises while Harold, Jim, and Larry heave ho on vines
Susan, Vivian, Sarah, and Rosemary give the chairs a once over
Sarah and Liz remove a Quidditch hazard
Marie cleans marks off door frames and walls
Marguerite knows how to dust!
Larry is an amazing window cleaner inside and out


Iva plays pick up sticks
Harold does yoga with the hot water heater
Jim directs the mulch from the chipper
Karen and Liz enjoy weeding!