UUFA Partner Church News

Update on the Kelemans at Our Partner Church in Okland, Transylvania

Months of cancer treatment for Reverend Levente have tested the endurance of the Keleman family, yet reports from his wife Eva tend toward the positive.  Thanks to the use of CBD oil, Levente was able to withstand chemo rounds two and three, ending thin but hopeful.

Okland’s church will be consecrated on October 6and Eva says Rev. Keleman should feel well enough to be involved.

The Keleman children are doing well:  Kincso graduated from college and will begin her MBA program this fall, Elod completed his first year in forestry, and Tas entered high school.

Eva manages daily living necessities while she tends to the needs of Levente, and, of course, she will also resume her teaching this fall.  She is grateful for the love and support of friends and church people.