UUFA Welcoming Congregation Team

In the 1980s and 90s when the word “welcoming” became a code word for lesbian, gay, and bisexual people, the Unitarian Universalist Association launched a Welcoming Congregation Program to help us learn how to undo homophobia—and later, transphobia (prejudice against transgender people)—in our hearts and minds, our congregations, and our communities.

In 2015, the UUA unveiled the Welcoming Congregations renewal program calling on each congregation to rededicate themselves to be bolder with their Welcome.

To support our commitment to being a welcoming congregation the UUFA Ministry Council is forming the Welcoming Congregation Team. The charge of this team is to honor our original pledge to be a Welcoming Congregation by

  • helping new people in the congregation understand our congregation’s commitment to this work
  • working with the Board of Trustees and Ministry Council to ensure that we are welcoming not only in our invitation and words but also in our actions
  • learning about the current needs and concerns of LGBTQ+ /TGQNB  people and communicate those needs to the congregation
  • ensuring that UUFA is fulfilling the UUA’s  Annual Welcoming Congregation Renewal program

More information on the Welcoming Congregations program can be found at, https://www.uua.org/lgbtq/welcoming/program.

If you are interested in being part of this new team helping UUFA to be more than a banner on our website, a flag in our driveway, and a catch phrase, please contact Lee Cornell at uufa.lee@gmail.com.