Collect a Splash of Water This Summer

On Sunday, August 11, at 10:30 a.m., UUFA will hold its annual ingathering service. This includes a ceremony when you can pour a small amount of water into our common bowl, symbolic of your participation in this community as well as the start to UUFA’s new program year.

During our water ceremony you’ll also have a chance to briefly write a note responding to either of these prompts:

  • What personal or spiritual transformation within may have occurred during the summer?
  • What personal or spiritual thirst was quenched during the summer?

You may collect an ounce or so of water from your home faucet, favorite swimming hole, distant travel site, or other meaningful location. Your transformation or quenching may be in response to summer reading, a particular event or transition, a meaningful experience, a new insight, or something else.

When you collect your water sample, take a moment of mindfulness to reflect on what it means to be in that location. Give thanks for the water that sustains your life, and comes from a place of meaning for your life.