PARES Update: Read All about Year One

At the 2018 Annual Meeting, members of UUFA voted to participate in a partnership with Alps Road Elementary School.(PARES).

During the first year of PARES, a lot has happened.

First, a great thank you to all the people involved in the inaugural year of the PARES initiative: Peg Graham, Kathy Mason, Rev. Alison, Bob MacArthur, Ed Helm, Karen Solheim, Linda Gilbert, Lisa Brown, Kate Blane, Mary Jean Hartell, Rosemary Woodell, Alice Harris, Kay Fors, Carol Lee Baker, Greg Davis, Rosemary Wood, Vivian Sellers, Carol Stanley, David Jarrett, Michelle Leebans-Mack, Cara Andrews, and Jane King.  In addition, many UUFA members donated money or brought clothing for the uniform sale and/or brought food when needed.
We raised about $100 for the PTO through the uniform sale, tutored about 15 children over the year, attended several events at the school, shelved books and took inventory, served breakfast to parents and teachers at various times and had three people attend Career Day, and met with the Principal, Assistant Principal, Volunteer Coordinator and Guidance Counselors. We set goals, got to know each other, and followed through on most of the goals we set. This project has been very successful and rewarding for everyone who has been involved, and we plan to continue it next year as well. We have already sent out flyers to collect used uniforms and plan to collect funds to buy more to sell again at the ice cream social in August.  Stay tuned for more information.
Want to be involved with PARES?
For further information contact Caryl Sundland (