June 30 DEADLINE: The Every Day UU: Now and Then

Dear UU Congregation,

We are writing to you to invite you to submit stories for our collection, “The Every Day UU: Now and Then.” As part the UU History Renaissance Module, we were required to create a final project that would connect with what we had learned in the course. It became evident to us that although we have numerous stories that document the achievements of some UUs, many voices are missing. In addition, we noted that there are certain famous UUs that attract our attention for the huge efforts they made. But we don’t have a collection of stories about UUs, who in living their faith, make small differences every day. Moving forward we thought it would be great to begin this process of sharing stories about our congregants from the past and present.

What are we looking for? Each submission should be between 300-500 words submitted as a Word Document. You may submit as many stories as you like. Please include details about the person and when and where the story took place. Please provide a picture of the person if you can. The deadline for the initial collection of stories will be June 30, 2019. Depending on the interest in this project, additional collections may be requested in the future.

We envision this collection being used in several ways. Church committees may choose to read a story as inspiration at the beginning of a meeting. Religious Educators may find stories that would work for A Time for All Ages. Congregants might read a story each day as a spiritual practice. Please send all stories, photos and release forms to storiesforUU@gmail.com

We look forward to receiving your stories. Click here for release form and sample stories.

Sincerely, Joanne Dingus Director of Religious Education, Newport News, VA

Twinks Hastings, Children and Youth Ministries Director, Brewster, MA