Fun & Fellowship Cluster Volunteers Spotlight – The Retreat Planning Team

In September 2018, more than 90 UUFA members and friends enjoyed community, spirituality, nature, music and fellowship at the biannual retreat at The Mountain Learning and Retreat Center near Highlands, N.C. We attended worship and workshops. We made music and memories, but behind the scenes, months of careful planning were needed to make the retreat an enriching, meaningful experience for those who attended. The Volunteer Recognition Team recognize the leaders who, along with our amazing UUFA staff, planned the retreat: Vivian Preston Sellers, Herb and Myrna Adams West, and Heather Jensen.

Even before the 2016 retreat was over, the dates for the September 2018 retreat had been set, but planning started in earnest about 9 months prior to the big event. The first task was to decide upon the theme, and then everyone provided input toward planning the worship, music, or workshops. Heather also focused on publicity and “the big picture.” Herb and Myrna’s many years of retreat experience were invaluable in planning and offering workshops, and Vivian shared her gift for logistics – setting the schedule, and making sure the participants were housed and well fed. Thanks to the Retreat Planning Team and their hard work behind the scenes, the experience for those who attended was deep and meaningful, and the weekend just seemed to flow. As a small token of our gratitude, they were presented with framed photographs from The Mountain, a location of beauty and peace, with a profound sense of place taken by Lee Reed and Carol-Lee Baker.

While we have recognized the Retreat Planning Team who spent innumerable hours planning the 2018 retreat, many others contributed their time and talents as well. Finally, we would be remiss if we did not acknowledge the many extra hours of work, commitment and effort put in by Rev. Alison, Amber, and Kelli. Thank you.