March Volunteer Spotlight: Lynn Rinker

Lynn Rinker been a very active member of UUFA’s Membership Committee. She’s a dependable greeter on Sunday mornings, welcoming visitors and newcomers with a friendly smile and helping them fill out a visitor card and get nametags. She always helps with the New to UUFA classes, putting up signs to announce a class, arriving early to start the coffee, bringing sweet rolls for the breakfast, cheerfully greeting class members when they arrive, helping with clean-up, and doing anything else to make the class run smoothly.

Lynn went through the Membership Book and compiled a very helpful roster showing when people became members of the Fellowship. She’s worked in the office with Shaye following up with visitors and getting announcements about Membership Committee activities in the Order of Service and weekly e-news. Lynn has also represented the Membership Committee at various meetings and functions and is always willing to make phone calls or send e-mails on behalf of the committee. The committee is very fortunate to have such a diligent, faithful and committed member as Lynn.

Beyond her membership commitment, Lynn has often brought refreshments for events and volunteered in the nursery with her daughter Sammie Carroll. The Volunteer Recognition Team and everyone else at the Fellowship hope Lynn will visit often after her upcoming move.