UUFA Photo Directory in the Works

It is time for a new UUFA Photo Directory.  It is being created on our On-Realm computer program.  Many members are familiar with this program.  On-Realm has allowed for the listing of our members into the various groups in the fellowship. It has also allowed the Care Rings to organize their list of participants for sending out e-mails.  Some members have already uploaded pictures to their profile.  To date, there are about 61 photos.

On-Realm is a password protected system for UUFA only.  No financial information is shared.  Members can access the current alphabetical directory and their own profile through a password.  Contact Shaye Gambrell, Congregational  Administrator, for more information if you would like to have password access to On-Realm.  On-Realm has been in place at  UUFA for over three years and is available to all members.  We want to use now it to create our own UUFA Photo Directory.

Scott Mason has offered to take face pictures of members.  He will send them to Shaye to upload them into the computer .  Once the project is completed, a new UUFA Photo Directory will be available on line with a password and as a hard copy if requested.  Care Ring Coordinators will have a UUFA Photo Directory specific to their Care Ring.  This will help all members and new members who have joined in the last five years.  As new members join the fellowship, they can easily be added to the UUFA Photo Directory.

The UUFA Photo Directory project will begin the first Sunday in February, February 3, after the service in the Fellowship Hall corner by the window..  Scott will be available to take pictures on the first and third Sundays of the month.  Members also have the option of uploading their favorite face picture.  Contact Shaye in the office for information on this process.

The Care Ring Coordinators for each of the Care Rings will contact the members of their Care Ring with their dates for their pictures.  Even if you have uploaded your picture, please see Scott.  You will be asked to verify your basic information of address, phone, and e-mail.

The UUFA Care Rings Red, Silver, Yellow, Blue, and Green are based on where you live in the Athens area.   If you are not sure which Care Ring you are assigned, you will receive an e-mail from your Care Ring Coordinator designating the dates for your pictures.  If you cannot meet on the dates assigned, of course, you can have your picture taken at a different time.

Look for an e-mail from one of your Care Ring Coordinators:

Blue – Anna Eldsvik, June Warfield

Silver – Kay Fors, Kay Giese

Yellow  Carol-Lee Baker, Jane Mayer, Jane King

Red – Debbie Hardegree, Rosemary Wood

Green – Liz Weaver, Cara Andrews, Kathy Mason

If you have any questions, please contact your Care Ring Coordinators or Kathy Mason from the Membership Committee.  Your participation is necessary to make this new UUFA Photo Directory an on-going success.