EOV Update: Chairs – Acoustics – Volunteers – Hurrah!

Our bright new sanctuary chairs arrived Wednesday, January 2.  A crew of volunteers helped move them from a tractor trailer into the sanctuary, unpack them, and get them set up!! 

Most of the chairs are in the sanctuary; some are in the conference room and multipurpose room.

The old teal sanctuary chairs and the blue conference room chairs are being advertised for sale.  If no buyer takes them next week, they will be stored offsite until a buyer is found.

On Saturday, December 29, a crew of volunteers worked on constructing acoustical panels for the sanctuary.  They will work on this project again Friday, January 4.  We hope to have them hung before our January 13 dedication service.  If needed, additional acoustic treatments may be added later.

Volunteers also painted over the “pepto bismol” pink in the womens’ restroom.  It is now “paper lantern” to match the RE hall walls. 

Many thanks to the volunteers who helped with these projects!! Check out the pictures.

There are just a few landscaping and parking area items, and finishing interior touches such as the art-hanging system, remaining to be completed.  The Expansion of our Vision is almost complete!

For more information, contact Iva King (ivaking@bellsouth.net) or Herb West (herbwest48@gmail.com).