January 13: Green Sanctuary Team

Image result for uu green sanctuaryThe Green Sanctuary Team is meeting January 13 after the service (12:15) in the Ocean Room at UUFA.

The agenda will focus on upcoming events and beyond.

The Green Sanctuary Team welcomes UUFA members and friends who care about living sustainably, want to learn more about the environment, seek worship and celebration of our natural world, and work toward environmental justice.  In other words, if you love to hike in the woods, plant a garden, eat vegan foods, buy fair trade products, shop local farmers markets, recycle everything you can, understand climate change, meditate at the beach, listen to the wind in the trees, discover better composting methods, and/or share your knowledge with others, the Green Sanctuary Team needs you!

Let us hear your voice.

There will be chocolate and gluten-free vegan cookies, too!

Contact Dan Everett (drdan.everett@gmail.com), Larry Dendy (ldendy@uga.edu), and or Elizabeth Weaver (ejsweaver@gmail.com) for more information.

The Green Sanctuary Team is part of the UUFA Justice Cluster.