January 20: New 2019 Goddess Group Course

The Goddess Group announces a new course/curriculum beginning January 20, 2019, “Awakening the Sheroes Within.” Based on the book, Awakening the Heroes Within, by Carol S. Pearson, the course will continue on third Sundays throughout 2019 and into the early months of 2020. We suggest that each participant have her own copy of the book, available locally or online from AvidBookshop.com, Amazon or Barnes and Noble. If your purchasing power is low, please let Myrna know as soon as possible so that you can reserve a copy from the Goddess Group’s limited supply. We will make a few copies available to purchase (at full or reduced price) or to borrow, if you prefer, from the Goddess Group.  The presenters would like for each participant to complete Part One and the “Heroic Myth Index” before the first session on January 20.  We can also send you a copy of the “Heroic Myth Index” via pdf, if you let us know.  However, we do recommend that you have access to a copy of the book because there will be reading assignments for each session. This course is open to all women of UUFA and the surrounding community.

Please let Myrna (myrnaaw@bellsouth.net) know by January 13, 2019, if you are planning to attend so that we can be sure there are enough supplies and space.