EOV Building Renovation and Expansion Update

  • Front plaza – This space is intended for pedestrians ONLY. Due to recent issues with vehicles driving onto the plaza, we are looking into placing large planters or bollards along the edge of the black asphalt circular drive.
  • Sidewalk on Rambling RoadCars should NOT park along that sidewalk. Because they cannot get off the road, as they could previously, cars there obstruct neighborhood traffic. The same is true of the sidewalk along Cheatham Drive.
  • Rambling Road parking lot improvements – There is now curbing around the islands as well as drainage to prevent standing water between the islands. The storm water drain near the woods has been reworked to function properly.  Re-coating and re-striping will occur as soon as it can be scheduled so as to not interfere with UUFA functions.
  • Sanctuary
    • We are very aware of the echo issues in the sanctuary, and knew that removal of curved walls would affect the acoustics. Sound absorption panels will be installed by the first of the year. Additional acoustic treatments will be added if needed. Brent Litch is supervising these efforts.
    • New sanctuary chairs should arrive the first week of January.
  • Welcome and Fellowship Halls furnishings
    • New soft furniture and small tables are being purchased to complement the three teal pews which were kept from the sanctuary.
    • There are 120 new folding chairs for the Fellowship Hall. (Some are being used temporarily in the sanctuary.) Habitat ReStore was glad to get the old metal folding chairs.
    • A new welcoming station where visitors are greeted is being purchased.
  • Art work – Paintings are being hung and a new system for hanging displays installed.
  • Patio – The Children & Youth RE committee authorized use of Seeds for Seedlings funds to purchase retractable awnings for the new patio.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during disruptions in these last few weeks of the renovation project.

Building Dedication – Sunday morning, January 13

Public Grand Opening Celebration – Saturday afternoon, January 19