Thank you! Merci! ¡Gracias! … for a Successful Workday October 27

On Saturday, October 27, 31 UUFA members enjoyed a busy workday cleaning and sprucing up our newly renovated building, and preparing for our first worship service in the expanded sanctuary the following day.

Lots of positive comments were given and received on Sunday about how wonderful the expanded building looks and about the great feeling in the sanctuary.  There are still little jobs to be done, and new chairs for the Fellowship Hall will arrive in a couple of weeks and 200 new sanctuary chairs will be delivered at the end of December.

Work accomplished included:

  • Moving and arranging seating in the sanctuary, and putting out hymnals.
  • Moving items into the music storage room.
  • Continuing the installation of the audio visual system in the sanctuary.
  • Cleaning the old HVAC vents in the sanctuary.
  • Vacuuming the sanctuary and Welcoming/Fellowship Hall floors.
  • Mopping the Welcoming/Fellowship Hall floor.
  • Rearranging furniture in the Welcoming/Fellowship Hall.
  • Setting up tables for the Sunday Hungarian Thanksgiving lunch.
  • Cleaning the kitchen, especially the stove.
  • Cleaning and re-arranging the custodial closet.
  • Cleaning the mechanical (furnace) room on the RE hall.
  • Repairing the shop vacuum.
  • Sorting items no longer needed or used for giveaway and recycling.
  • Trimming trees and preparing beds for the Sunday bulb ceremony.
  • Repairing and replacing parking lot signs.

Many thanks to the following UUFA members who participated in the workday (we apologize if we left off your name – please let us know):

Carol-Lee Baker; Betsy Bean; Kate Blane; Deb Brenner; Susan Brown; Lee Cornell; Gary Crider; Larry Dendy; Rev. Alison Eskildsen; Dan Everett; Peg Graham; Alice Harris; Iva King; Larry King; Royce Knight; Brent Litch; Jim Marshall; Kathy Mason; Scott Mason; Bob McArthur; John Olive; Bill Pierson; Hank Raichle; Barb Schell; John Schell; Vivian Sellers; Barbara Teskey; Myrna Adams West; Herb West; Rosemary Wood; Rosemary Woodel