Fall 2018 Southern Region Chalice Lighter Calls

Dear Chalice Lighters and Friends,
The Fall 2018 Chalice Lighter call for our Southwest geographical area has been awarded to Horizon UU Church, Texas. Chalice Lighter funding will help the congregation launch a new community garden on their campus. Community service will be an integral goal of Horizon’s Community Garden. Gardeners will donate 50% of their garden produce to nearby charitable organizations.  Click here to read more.


The Chalice Lighter program began in 1984 as a way for individuals to extend our faith by making a donation of $10 or more for three calls per year.

Our new program works similarly, allowing individuals and congregations to support and be generous with one another to work on transformational goals. Chalice Lighter calls are crowd-funded contributions given by committed Unitarian Universalist “Chalice Lighters” and Southern Region congregations. Anyone can become a Chalice Lighter — just join our Chalice Lighter email list and respond with a contribution when a call goes out.

Want to become a Southern Region Chalice Lighter?  Click here.