November 25, Fourth Sunday Lunch – An All-UUFA Potluck!

Everybody cooks and cleans up for November’s Fourth Sunday Lunch!

It’s your choice what to bring or how to help, but if you need a food suggestion, here’s a way to decide:

If your last name ends in:

  • A-D — salad or fruit
  • E-H — vegetable
  • I-N — main dish
  • O-R — dessert
  • S-Z — bread, chips, or other nibble

There’s no food theme, so bring what you’d like to share. Please make enough to share with 10 people. If you have questions, please contact Rev. Alison.

And don’t forget–if you eat, you will help clean up by washing tables, putting plates and utensils in the dishwasher, putting washed items away, sweeping the floor, or tidying up the kitchen. We’ll find a task that meets your abilities.

Many hands make light work. If you’ve never helped out at a Fourth Sunday Lunch, now is the time.

Thank you!