Expanding Our Vision Update: Kudos To The Team

Kudos to the hard-working folks on the Expanding Our Vision (EOV) Building Project Committee who continue to meet regularly to oversee the budget and make decisions as the building expansion and renovation nears completion! They are (in alphabetical order) Carol-Lee Baker, Sarah Cook, Rev. Alison Eskildsen, Iva King, Jane Mayer, Bob McArthur, Roger Moore, John Olive, Barb Schell, and Herb West.

  • Extra Kudos to Sarah for finding and assembling the new baby-changing table in the new family restroom.
  • Extra Kudos to John for keeping track of income and expenditures.
  • Several extra Kudos to Carol-Lee and the Kitchen subcommittee for cleaning, reorganizing and purchasing shelves, containers and an ice maker to improve the functioning of our kitchen!
  • Several extra Kudos to Barb and the Aesthetics subcommittee for researching and finding appropriate furnishings for our new and refurbished spaces (more to come!).
  • Many Kudos to Lee Cornell and Brent Litch for researching and installing all of the technical equipment which enhance services, meetings and communication at UUFA.
  • Last but not least, Kudos to Myrna Adams West and Larry King who have provided expertise, manual labor and understanding support for Herb and Iva!

You, too, can earn Kudos on our next work day, Saturday, October 27th starting at 9 AM! Mostly light work this time.

Iva King (ivaking@bellsouth.net), Herb West (herbwest48@gmail.com).