Building & Grounds: New Opportunities for Service

The additions to our building and grounds are spacious and beautiful and will enable us to expand our vision!  A lot of our time and money has gone into these renovations, and now they require our care and upkeep.
To this end, there are now many more opportunities for service! The UUFA Board is seeking two people to serve as co-chairs of the Building and Grounds Committee — one to supervise the maintenance of our new building and another to supervise the maintenance of the newly landscaped grounds.
A comprehensive list has been compiled detailing what needs to be done to both the building and the grounds, along with a schedule of when they need to be done.  The heads of the committees would make sure that the tasks are done, either by professional teams or by volunteers.
If you are interested in Building and Grounds, please contact either Susan Brown ( or Rosemary Wood (