Wondering with AWE

Exploring Life’s Mysteries

Rev. Alison W. Eskildsen

The month of October has always been one of my favorite months because I’m attracted to this particular change in season. Some famous person, I can’t remember who, once said Autumn was the time when Mother Earth wears her most colorful clothes. The rich gold, deep russet, and burnished bronze leaves on the trees, and the brilliant orange of pumpkins ready to be carved make me think she wanted to kick out the jams one last time before taking a long winter’s nap.

You can kick out the jams, too, on October 13, when UUFA hosts its own all-ages dance. Dress in brilliant autumn colors and celebrate the nearly complete Expanding Our Vision (EOV) project. Then, on October 14, we hope to be back in the renovated Sanctuary once more.

I also love October because it includes Halloween. I’m drawn to the mystery of death and the way we make fun of it by dressing up as ghosts, witches, and walking dead. Last month we focused on Creativity, and many express their creativity in Halloween costumes.

This month we focus on Mystery. I love mysteries. I love solving mysteries, but I love even more that some things can’t be solved; that some things remain unknowable. I think we need some mystery in our lives because it keeps us humble. It also gives us something to strive for, even if it’s not attainable.

Astrophysicists try to understand the mysteries of the universe. Medical doctors try to understand the mysteries of disease and the human body. Climatologists try to understand how human activity is changing earth’s ability to support life as we know it.

Some mysteries like these may get solved. But I’m sure new mysteries will emerge for us to put our best minds to. It may be human to be creative, but it’s also very human to question, to seek answers to life’s many unknowns. I look forward to reflecting with you life’s many questions and mysteries this month.