Cloverleaf Construction plans to complete the building by October 1st !

There’s still lots of work to be done as you can read below. First, though, please be aware of the continuing disruptions in the next couple weeks.

  • The kitchen will be unavailable Monday Sept 24 through at least Wednesday Sept 26 for renovation work.
  • Work in the old parking lot, including removing and repaving the sidewalk next to the RE hall, will be done in the next week or two. This will occur during the week so as not to disrupt Sunday service.  During the week, we may need to enter the building through the playground into the Fellowship Hall. Please wipe your feet so as not to track dirt onto our new flooring!
  • Use of the new Cheatham Road parking lot, sidewalk to the building, and new entry plaza and new front doors will be unavailable, even if finished, until the whole project is completed and we have received our Permanent Certificate of Occupancy.

Your patience is much appreciated during these final weeks of construction.

Please contact Iva King ( or Herb West ( for more information or if you have questions or concerns.

**Below are the details CloverLeaf is working hard to complete by the end of September!

Inside our new and old spaces:

  • Staining the door and window trim and baseboard.
  • Installing remaining flooring in Welcoming Hall.
  • Repairing the ceiling, painting ceiling and walls, and replacing flooring in the kitchen.
  • Making sure the two new restrooms are functioning properly.
  • Installing film to reduce heat and glare coming through the glass of the pyramid.

Sanctuary renovation:

  • The curved walls and carpet have been removed.
  • Lots of holes in the concrete floor have been opened up to re-route heating and air ducts, and to run conduit for the new Audio Visual booth (see cut out portion in front of ladder in photo on left).
  • Relocating the theatrical lights to brighten the front of the stage.
  • Installing video monitors in the curved wall on either side of the choir “loft” and on the rear wall for the choir to see what the congregation sees!
  • Building a required fire-rated vestibule between the Welcoming Hall and Sanctuary (see photo on right).
  • Upgrading lighting and sound.
  • Installing new carpet.
  • Re-installing the pews OR replacing the pews with movable chairs (see separate email for more information on exploring this possibility).


  • Permeable surface in new parking lot has been installed (see photo on left).
  • Remainder of new parking lot to be paved, perhaps tomorrow (Friday Sept 14) weather permitting.
  • Concrete plaza in front of new main entrance to be poured tomorrow (Friday).
  • Reconfiguration and resurfacing of old parking lot.