Building Update: We Passed Inspection! We Have a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy!!

Thanks to the very hard work of Cloverleaf, our General Contractor, and their subcontractors, Phase 1 (New Addition) and Phase 2 (Fellowship Hall) passed inspections by the Building Inspector and Fire Marshal Friday (September 7) morning.  We now have a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy to use the Fellowship Hall, new Welcoming Hall, new meeting rooms and offices!!!

What this means:

  • We can use the Fellowship Hall and expand into the Welcoming Hall for our worship service this Sunday morning and for the next several weeks while the sanctuary renovation is occurring.
  • The new Multi-Purpose Room and Conference Room are available for meetings and activities, although they are not fully furnished yet and have some materials still stored in them.
  • There is still some interior work remaining in the new space—flooring, lighting, and doors.
  • The entrance to the building remains through the RE hall. The new doors in the new addition are NOT to be used for entrance or exit, except only in case of emergency.  The exterior of the building within the construction fence is still a construction zone and off limits.
  • The sanctuary space is now a construction zone and off limits. The curved walls have been removed, the pews removed and stored, and the carpet removed.  Electrical and HVAC work is beginning in there.
  • The old admin wing, including the interim conference room, will be closed off beginning Monday, September 10, for the next several weeks. As a result, Alison, Shaye, and Kelli have moved the bare necessities into their new offices.  And the new conference room will have some temporary tables and chairs for meetings.

Your continued patience is needed and appreciated during the next month or two as our project comes to completion.

If you have any questions or concerns about the project or what spaces you can and can’t use, please ask Iva King ( or Herb West (, or Shaye Gambrell (