Thank you, Labor Day Laborers!

With help from 26 hard-working folks everything has been removed from the sanctuary to prepare it for renovation starting this week.  From the attached pictures you can see we also experimented with setting up for Sunday services in the Fellowship Hall.  We are making progress thanks to: Carol-Lee Baker, Sarah Cook, Barb & John Schell, Alison Eskildsen, Susan Brown, Jody Barber, Fred Benario, Vivian Sellers, Julie Sapp, Todd Dinkelman, Rosemary Woodel, Don Randall, Diane Bridges, Julene Anderson, Chilton, Laura, Alex & Elizabeth Ng, Lee Cornell, Royce Knight, Laura Driscoll, Myrna West and Larry King!  Thank you all!!

This week, in addition to beginning work in the sanctuary, the contractors will be finishing up work in the rest of the space–painting doors in the RE hall and in the Fellowship Hall, installing baseboard, installing interior doors, finishing the range hood installation in the kitchen.

Until we receive our Certificate of Occupancy, we are limited to the Fellowship Hall space.  We can only store some items temporarily in the new space.  Please do not wander in the rest of the building until further notice!  Thanks for your understanding and patience.

Herb West and Iva King