Building renovation to cause significant disruptions during the next few weeks!

Phases 1 and 2 of the building project are on target to be completed by the end of August!!

This week’s accomplishments include:

–painting, electrical, and ceiling installation in the new addition

–framing for the new glass entry and clerestory (glass to be installed next week)

–opening walls for new exterior doors (to be installed next week) on the Timothy Road side and on the playground side

–demolishing some items in the existing Fellowship Hall.

Some significant disruptions will occur in the next few weeks:

–Week of August 13 – The kitchen will be inaccessible due to replacement of the range hood with a new, much smaller and higher unit (good news for our taller members!).  The fire alarm company will be working in the RE hall and classrooms to bring our system up to code.

–Week of August 20 – The Fellowship Hall will inaccessible due to painting, etc.  In addition, the RE hallway and doors will be repainted.

–Week of August 26 – The temporary walls between the existing Fellowship Hall and the new addition will be removed. Old flooring will be removed and new flooring installed.  The Fellowship Hall, kitchen and classrooms will not be useable most of that week.

The UUFA office is notifying all UUFA and rental groups of these disruptions and letting them know if they need to cancel, relocate to another part of the building or meet off-site.

Laborers are needed Labor Day!!

September 2 will be our last worship service in the Sanctuary until after renovation of that space is completed in October.  Sunday worship, choir rehearsals, and other activities will be relocated to the new combined Fellowship Hall/Welcoming Hall.  On Labor Day, all of the chairs, piano, and other sanctuary furnishings must be moved into the new spaces!  Please plan to come help!

The progress is exciting, and we will be able to survive the disruptions over the next couple of months.  Hopefully the weather will permit completion of parking areas soon, too.

If you have questions or concerns, particularly about the schedule, contact the construction/renovation liaisons, Iva King & Herb West, as well as Shaye Gambrell, the UUFA administrator, or Rev. Alison.