IMPORTANT NEWS concerning the Grocery Gift Card Program

Selling and buying Grocery Gift Cards contributes funds to our Operating Account and is an Income line in our annual budget.

This past fiscal year (2017-18) the program only brought in $1084. This is less than half of what we budgeted based on previous years’ income.  If you shop at either PUBLIX or EARTHFARE please help our budget by purchasing gift cards from the UUFA for these stores. The Fellowship receives 3% of the Publix card cost and 7% of the Earthfare card. You pay the face amount for each card — a win-win situation!

John Olive has attempted to offer the cards for sale after each Sunday service (with the occasional help of Vivian Sellers and Barbara Teskey).

This month, John has sat at the Grocery Card table in the Fellowship Hall for an hour after the service and sold no cards last week and only a couple of cards the week before and this past week. In looking back at the records, most cards are sold the first and second Sundays of each month.  John will therefore, be selling cards ONLY on the FIRST and SECOND Sunday’s of each month starting in August of 2018.