Renovation Moving Ahead, Entrance to Sanctuary Temporarily Changed!

The work on the building is proceeding quickly!  The brick exterior is finished and the new glass entry is being framed.  The new offices, conference room, multi-purpose room, and bathrooms are being finished with drywall, paint, electrical, heating and air conditioning.  The old foyer has been blocked off and the stained-glass doors temporarily removed to safe storage until they are reinstalled in the new entrance vestibule.  The temporary wall that had separated the new space from the old foyer is gone now, revealing how large our new Welcoming Hall will be.  The outside wall of the Fellowship Hall is being opened for the installation of new double glass doors into the playground, necessitating a temporary wall for structural support.

During the next few weeks the only access to the Sanctuary will be through the single door in corner of the Fellowship Hall.

During the third or fourth week of August, the temporary wall between the old Fellowship Hall and new Welcoming Hall will be removed and new flooring will be installed in the combined space.  Work during those weeks will also include painting and upgrading the lights in the Fellowship Hall, and installing new flooring in the RE hallway.  During those weeks, activities may need to be relocated off-site or canceled.  The work should not affect access and use on Sundays.  We will do our best to give you sufficient advance notice of the disruptions.

Phase 3, renovation of the sanctuary, will occur in September.  After Labor Day weekend, Sunday services will be held in the combined new Welcome Hall and Fellowship Hall.

The unusually rainy weather has slowed site work outside the building.  It has simply been too muddy to finish the new Cheatham Road parking lot and the sidewalk from it to the new Timothy Road door and on around to the old parking lot.  Work on the new plaza entrance into the Welcome Hall may also be delayed due to the weather.

We appreciate your patience during these final few months of construction!