Sanctuary Movement Team: Buddy help needed

The Sanctuary Movement Team shares the following information from the Interfaith Sanctuary Coalition about members of the Athens immigrant community:

1.  We have a buddy who is having a hysterectomy this Friday – good news was that the cancer was only at stage one and it seems that this surgery is the only treatment she will need!
Unfortunately, she will be unable to work for awhile while she recovers. Her mother is flying in from Guatemala this week to help take care of her and they spent every dime they had on her plane ticket. She expressed to me that she is worried about what they will eat while she is here.
From ISC, we would both like to procure food for the family and help with the SNAP application process. That would mean going to DCFS to help her complete the forms and we think within a week or two they will get their food stamps. Is a lengthy process, but she can change the language in the form to complete it in Spanish.


2.  One of our buddies wondered if we could see if ISC could work some magic for them.  One of the daughters is going to be getting her driver’s license soon, and they are hoping to find a car they can afford.  I don’t need to tell you, or anyone in ISC, how much of a difference a car and a driver’s license can make to a family with un(der)documented members, and to the larger community as well. In this particular case, the young woman is a real self-starter and highly motivated to use her new driver’s license to be able to work (in addition to finishing high school and going to college) but also to drive her brothers and other folks in the community to ULead, etc.

I was wondering if through the ISC networks, we might be able to connect them with a car. They could  pay something toward the cost, and the buddy would be willing to help fundraise for the remainder.


3.    Angela lives with her three children:  a fourteen-year-old boy, a ten-year-old girl, and an eight-year-old boy.  Angela’s husband was deported, and she has only been able to work part time because her daughter  is autistic and not in school for the summer. She also had a benign tumor removed from her wrist a couple of weeks ago. Community Support paid the rent for July,  but she does not have money for August.

This family was escaping from El Salvador after an eldest son disappeared in the hands of a gang.

The family has been living for the past year in a  small trailer with another family.  Angela is reaching out for help to move her family on her own space.
Can you help in any way?
  • Specific items are needed for the kids:  fluffy toy for the girl, sports shirt for the fourteen–year-old boy, and tennis shoes for the eight-year-old boy (he likes Adidas)
  • Financial help is needed for monthly expenses.  Please put ISC Buddy Support in any checks you write.

Questions?  Contact Nancy MacNair ( or 706.546.5237).

The Sanctuary Movement Team is part of the UUFA Justice Cluster.