Building Update: Continued Progress

Every day, more progress is being made on the addition. This week, the exterior sheathing was installed and waterproofed, the windows for the offices and multipurpose room were installed, and the masons began to lay the brick exterior.

The roofers installed the the roofing on Friday.  Flashing and connecting the roof drains still remains to be completed!  But the building is nearly dried in, although the large opening at the entrance to the Gathering Hall needs to be temporarily sealed until the “storefront” (glass and entry doors) can be assembled and installed.

Work on roughing in mechanical (heating & air), electrical, and plumbing continues. Once the MEP rough-in is inspected and approved, and the building dried in, insulation and then drywall will follow.

As always, if you have questions or want more information, contact Iva King or Herb West.