Worship in July; All-Fellowship theme: Diversity

July 1 Religion, Science and Syncretism  Aspects of science and religion have much in common. Discoveries in each assert an underlying unity. Service led by Lee Reed.

July 8Cultivating Your Spirit Beyond Social Justice  Mokah-Jasmine Johnson will share her personal experience as an activist and discuss how fighting for social justice can either block or help cultivate your spiritual growth. She will encourage attendees to follow their intuitive spirit and go beyond their civic duty to achieve social change and equity for all!

July 15Better Than We Think?  Historian Steven Pinker argues that our world is getting  better, not worse. Is this true, and how does this impact us as UUs? Service led by Kate Blane and Dan Everett.

July 22 Navigating with Square Sails  Mariners of old did not have the benefit of movable triangular sails. Before that discovery, square sails caught the wind and provided propulsion but offered little in the way of directional control. Sailors went where they were driven by the direction of the wind. The Greek word, pneumas, is the same for spirit and for wind. Is your life wind driven by a square sail, or are you spirit driven with triangular sails? Service led by Rev. Dr. Don Randall.

July 29All Are Called Service led by UUFA’s delegates to General Assembly.

Services at 10:30 am unless otherwise noted below. Forum on hiatus during construction.