It’s Beginning to Look like a New Building!

The framing for the addition is mostly complete.  The exterior wall sheathing is being installed, and the electrical, mechanical (heating & air), and plumbing is being roughed-in.

The water line from the main at Timothy Road to the building is to be rerouted tomorrow (Friday), requiring the water to be shut off for much of the day.  This is necessary so the line can go around rather than under the building addition.

Grading work on the new parking lot has resumed now and will continue unless we get more heavy rains.  Weather and unexpected issues have put the project almost a month behind schedule.

We’re optimistic that the roofers have fixed the roof leak over the kitchen.  The leak is unrelated to the building expansion project, but the result of wear and tear on our old roof and the roof drains.  Regular inspection and maintenance of the existing roof is needed in order to prevent additional problems.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact either Iva King (770-328-7928 or or Herb West (706-614-5644 or who oversee the project on UUFA’s behalf and are in daily contact with the contractors and the architect.