Ministry Council Meeting Notes, June 27, 2018

Present:  Lee (facilitator), Amber (timekeeper), Iva (notetaker), Alison, Karen, Kelli, Vivian, Herb, Carol-Lee, Hilda

Check-In – Out-going LMs reflections on past accomplishments; in-coming LMs hopes:

VivianLifespan Development: 100+ folks participated in SGM including a young adult group and a group at Lanier Gardens for older members; hiring of a permanent DRE

Herb – Spiritual Arts: efforts to have services be “less white” and less time-constrained; AV improvements including use of a monitor for songs, readings and more during services

Ange – Fun & Fellowship: consistent roster of coffee hour volunteers; trip to Montgomery

Hilda- Connection & Outreach and Justice: Building the World We Dream Of study group

Lee – Spiritual Arts: continuation of “less white” efforts; additional spiritual diversity through conversations with groups such a pagans and humanists

Carol-Lee – Fun & Fellowship: involve members who are less active in coffee hour; revamp some membership committee activities with emphasis on families

Iva -Lifespan Development: Wednesday night dinner with emphasis on families; second book group focused on religious/spiritual books; campus ministry

Amber – Music Ministry: continue community outreach; intergenerational activities; pastoral care through music

Kelli – DRE: successful World Café; more involvement of youth in worship services

Allison – Minister: Athens Interfaith Clergy success despite some challenges

Old Business:

  • UU World A reporter interviewed Alison and several LM’s at General Assembly. He and a photographer plan to visit UUFA the weekend of August 19th.
  • Retreat Planning Saturday, July 7, potluck at Vivian’s, time changed to 9 AM – 1 PM, Purpose of the retreat will be to solidify intentions for the 2018-19 program year by setting objectives that prioritize the 4 big goals agreed upon during the January planning retreat. We will try to focus on fewer but more impactful events. Goals and details can be found in the Google MC folder, search “Programmatic Vision” or paste this URL:

  • We should also bring major program ideas on the post-its provided, using a felt-marker so words can be read at a distance!
  • Kelli asked that if possible folks email major program ideas in advance of the retreat so we can think about them in advance.
  • Cluster Portfolio development – We agreed upon a tentative shuffling of clusters. Alison will develop a chart to have at the retreat. Much discussion centered on how to best address areas of Community Outreach, Interfaith Connections, Racial Justice, and Family Engagement.

New Business: Reflections from General Assembly will occur at another time.

Future Business:

  • Discussion of Stepping Stones Table – possibly rename it? Make it more prominent?
  • Revamp LM monthly report template to include addressing the four 2018-19 Goals?

Next MC Meeting – July 17, Facilitator Iva