Conversations that Matter: Disagreement and Respect – Can They Go Together?

July 12, 2018, 7:30 p.m,  By ZOOM Web Conference

A ZOOM Web Conference is easy to participate in. The first requirement is that you let us know you want to be invited to participate by sending an e-mail to: You will need a computer, tablet or smart phone with a video camera and access to the internet. You also have the option of calling a telephone number to participate using your phone. — John Schell

It’s Summer time, many of our members are gone for vacation and family time. To keep the continuity of the Conversations that matter, we are planning a new approach by using Zoom Web Conference.

First, about the topic: This morning I was in the Dunkin Doughnuts (don’t tell Barb) when I overheard a bit of conversation that went like this: “… they just need to make up a reason to fire the special prosecutor… then it’s all over…” I immediately silently judged: Huh, another uninformed republican! On reflection, how unkind and unfair of me. However, that person and I might disagree they are due my respect.

It is sure that my little story is not new to anyone of us. So, how do we disagree while showing respect and acceptance of others and their opinions? We will set aside two hours to engage in a Conversation that Matters on this topic. We have the power to stop the unnecessary division that is ripping civil society apart.

Second, about the technology: