News from UUFA’s Partner Church Family

UPDATE on UUFA’s Partner Church minister:

Rev. Levente is off the breathing machine following surgery and is beginning his recovery. This just in from Eva: “He feels no pain thanks to all the painkillers. He is on strong sedatives, so we laughed a lot yesterday. He was completely confused, but spoke a lot. All the tests are fine, they are taking out some tubes today. If all goes like this in a couple of days he is out from intensive care.”

We made it ! Thank you all ! Prayers have helped a lot !
Will keep you informed !

Levente finished his first round of chemo last week, he is home now. This was a bit easier than the previous one. He got home last Wednesday and has been quite active since. Today he went horse riding for a short time. He gets tired easier, but no wonder. He lost his hair and looks extremely pale, he is not allowed to be in the sun.

I couldn’t go with him this time for his chemo, since there are so many things at home, that I simply couldn’t go. We had a visit from our partner school from Budapest, we had 34 kids in the youth house for a week, and had all kinds of programs with our school kids. This month is extremely busy.

On the (May) 19th- this weekend is the big Penthecost Pilgrimage for the Hungarian,s and the pensions are full. Besides it is Penthecost weekend, and on the 21st we have Mothers’s day, since we couldn’t do it this weekend. Also that day we have church elections for the Board.On the 25th we have Elod’s high school graduation, and we have a big celebration, we have about 40 guests coming, this is usually a big event. Then on the 27th we have Tas’s confirmation, we had to change its date, so that Levente can go and have the surgery.

We leave on the 28th to Hungary, and apparently, if all goes well the surgery happens on the 31st. Until then we have two grants to hand in- one for the renovation of the organ, and another one for the lighting system. One is almost done, the other one needs some more paper. Also there is a third grant for some infrastructure – laptop, projector, printer and furniture for the youth house.We plan a big celebration on the 20th of July , with a commemoration for the ministers who served the congregation since 1606.

Elod is getting ready for his SAT, and home he is going to do fine. Kincso is in Kolozsvar.

I have seen that you are busy with the church expansion. It is going to look great. Of course meanwhile, the church renovation here is going well. They are working at the frescoes right now.

I will definitely send you some update. We send you lots of love. ~ Eva and Levente