Ministry Council Notes

May 15, 2018

Present:  Ange Kahn, Alison Eskildsen, Herb West, Vivian Sellers, Lee Cornell, Bob McArthur, Iva King, Amber Fetner, Karen Solheim, Hilda Kurtz, and Carol-Lee Baker (from Montana)

Check-in. Attendees shared what they had to leave at the door to be fully present.

Karen volunteered to be notetaker (May), and Lee will be facilitator (June).

Iva volunteered to be notetaker (June) and facilitator (July).

Hilda brought chocolate.  ?

Alison shared that the board approved funding for an AV tech.  Lee has crafted and is circulating a job description.

Alison also shared that some folks were concerned that the last scheduled Leadership Council meeting was cancelled without notice.

Alison also shared the board will establish calendar dates before opening the calendars to others (including dates for the 2018-19 Leadership Councils).

The group established that the Ministry Council retreat will be Saturday, July 7, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Viv’s house.

The agenda for this meeting will be discussed further at the June MC meeting.

Carol-Lee will be the MC liaison to the June and August board meetings. (no board meeting in July)

Lee will be the MC liaison to the September board meeting.

Lee shared that Penny is wanting to be an advisor for the mentor-mentee project.

Jaime has shared with Vivian et al a more-detailed draft for this project.

Vivian will work with Iva and Jaime, looping in Penny if she wants.

The group discussed whether we have anything to promote to be a Breakthrough Congregations.

The group decided to wait a year to see where we are with PARES (Partnership with Alps Road Elementary School) and/or the mentoring program and/or RE curriculum (Greek gods and goddesses).

The June Ministry Council meeting was moved to June 26.

The group discussed guidelines for displaying information including what to do with the current (in-the-closet) bulletin boards.  Weaning off the bulletin boards now was the decision.  ?

Lee shared what the communications team has been working on for monitor displays, big and small.

If anyone wants something off the cluster bulletin boards, please get in the next week or so.

The group discussed the clusters for the new ministry council and decided to work on this at the June meeting.

Alison shared that Larry Dendy is now the publicity guy.

The group discussed being a presence at festival events. Hilda will work on a list of local festivals.

To be discussed at the retreat:  What are we doing differently that is allowing us to meet our goals?

Alison shared the following: building dedication is currently scheduled for the January calendar; an open house will also be held in January.

Bob raised the idea of the MC liaison to the board somehow be participatory at the board meeting rather than just being an observer.