New Construction Details

Expanding Our Vision! Now that construction has begun, I want to tell you about some of the exciting details of what is occurring and decisions on which our committee continues to work.

During the past two weeks CloverLeaf Group construction has made a lot of progress!
• Installed erosion control and tree fence (to protect as many trees as possible).
• Removed the glass foyer and exterior brick around the old main entrance.
• Installed temporary walls in fellowship hall and foyer, and began removing exterior walls.
• Removed a portion of the front paving.
• Started installing underground storm water pipes and huge concrete structures.
• Removed trees within the new parking area off Cheatham Road.

Progress was slowed a bit when a backhoe hit the UUFA water line. It was not where we thought it was! College Pro and CloverLeaf worked hard to rectify the problem ASAP.

Within the next 30 days, CloverLeaf expects to accomplish the following:
• Finish removing concrete block walls at the front of building.
• Complete installation of the underground storm pipes and structures.
• Level and prepare the building pad.
• Rough in mechanical, electrical and plumbing in slab and pour concrete slab.
• Pour pier footings/set anchor bolts for the steel structures.
• Grade new parking lot.

The tentative construction schedule is posted on the temporary wall in the Fellowship Hall (or click here for more detailed information).
CloverLeaf has also promised they will put a temporary window in that temporary wall soon so we can watch their progress!
A word about our trees – College Pro, the company that is doing all of the site work, is also a landscape company. They were so concerned about our trees that they asked Roger Moore and me to walk the perimeter of the construction area with them. They wanted us to understand that some trees outside the actual construction area will sustain unavoidable root damage. Significant root damage kills a tree, as does grading which raises the level of soil around a tree. However, when Roger looked at those trees, he found that they are already not very healthy; having grown so close together and competing for sunlight, they have just a few branches at their tops.

On a brighter note – Roger also reported that when he stood at the end of the planned new parking lot, he could not see the sanctuary. Therefore, we’ll not likely see the parking lot when looking out the sanctuary windows. We will still have many trees providing summer foliage!

Aesthetics- Barb Schell and the EOV Aesthetics subcommittee have been working hard to assure that our building is beautiful as well as functional. The full EOV Committee has confirmed their recommendations to have Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) in the new Gathering Hall/Fellowship Hall area. The LVT will have the look of wood flooring. A stone-look LVT will be installed in the RE Hallway. The carpet chosen for the new multipurpose room, conference room, and offices is a blend of grey and cream colors. The new carpet in the sanctuary will be a darker multicolor that coordinates nicely with our current turquoise pews but does not limit future color choices. (In case at some future time the pews are reupholstered.)

What else can I tell you?
• A decision has been made to not move the pews toward the back of the sanctuary. The pews will remain at the front and the 60+ additional seating capacity will be attained with flexible seating at the back.
• Carol-Lee Baker has a subcommittee working on the best way to utilize funds specifically donated to update the kitchen.
• John Olive reports that Capital Campaign pledges now total $1,330.500, and folks have already paid $915,857. The construction loan will be signed soon. However, since so many pledges have now been paid, he does not anticipate needing to draw on that line of credit for another few months. The less we borrow the less interest we will have to pay!
• The Aesthetics sub committee is in the process of choosing paint colors for accent walls.
• Lee Cornell and the UUFA Communications Team are developing ways to use monitors in the new Gathering Hall to keep us informed of happenings within the fellowship.
• Some folks have expressed interest in having a patio outside the two new double doors that will connect the Fellowship Hall and the playground area. That is not currently in the budget, but with donated labor, Roger Moore, who heads the Landscape subcommittee, would love to see it happen.

Another Workday! Since we don’t want to keep all the fun to ourselves, the EOV committee is proposing another work day in the near future. (The turnout when we asked for help in March was amazing.) There are some additional items that could be done, mostly outside, to assure that our 25-year-old spaces look as good as our new spaces. Stay tuned!

Herb West and I are the EOV representatives that interact regularly with the contractors. If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact one of us!

Iva King, EOV Building Project Chairperson,; 770-328-7928.  Herb West,; 706-614-5644