Side with Love: May Day–Migrant Caravan is Locked Out at the Border. Please Call.

Our community members in the #RefugeeCaravan have made it to the border and are currently camped out at the port of entry and need our support.

Call San Ysidro Port Director Sidney Aki at (619) 690-8830 to demand that CBP do its job and begin to process asylum claims for the women and children of the refugee caravan.

Unitarian Universalists were at the border to welcome the caravan on Sunday, offering legal support, food and witness. Hundreds of you have signed up to open your homes to families seeking asylum — like Rev. Jill Cowie of Harvard Unitarian Universalist Church who spoke this morning on NPR saying “We’ll still be there if it takes a long time. My doors will be open.”

This May Day, we honor all who labor, all who strike, all who migrate, and all who know that when hate tries to close or borders, we open our hearts and our homes.

 Like Rev. Jill, we are ready to open our doors and welcome those seeking refuge here. Call San Ysidro Port Director Sidney Aki at (619) 690-8830 and tell CBP to do its job and start processing their asylum claims immediately.
In solidarity,
Rev. Elizabeth Nguyen