Justice Partner Update: AADM

Athens, Ga – The Athens-Clarke County Library will be the new home of the End the School to Prison Pipeline’s latest initiative – support services for the county’s most disadvantaged students. Designed for teens who may have been suspended, expelled or dropped out, it hopes to address needs unmet at school. Among the services provided, students can expect reading and math tutoring sessions for middle school and high school, self-improvement workshops, and apprenticeships. In collaboration with ACC Library, Everday Readers Literacy Program, Athens Clarke County School District, and AADM volunteers this program will run every Tuesday and Thursday from 9: 30 am to 12: 30 pm.
African American students are particularly hit hard by zero tolerance policies. In Georgia, roughly two-thirds of students suspended or expelled were African American despite the fact the group accounts for less than 40 percent of public high school students. Not surprisingly, research indicates that these kinds of disciplinary actions dramatically increase the likelihood that a student will drop out, be held back, sent to alternative schools or enter the juvenile justice system.
To prevent the inevitable cycle of incarceration and state supervision, the Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement has assembled a team of advocates to work with local teens that get neglected or often left behind.
For more information or to volunteer, please contact (706) 389-4129, visit aadmovement.org or email jasminejohnsonedu@gmail.com