Ministry Council Notes

Notes from Ministry Council: April 17, 2018

Present: Vivian (Facilitator), Hilda (Notetaker), Alison, Herb, Ange, Karen, Lee, Carol Lee

The group present discussed:

–As the PCC and others continue to struggle with the decision of the Romanian UU Church to not support gay marriage, the MC discussed the need to be mindful of their cultural context, and to hold some structured reflective conversations on the issue in order to come to a deeper understanding.

–The decision to hire Kelli as the DRE (Moving on from temporary position into which she was originally hired, and the importance of allocating professional development funds to the DRE position, especially as the RE program seems to be growing.

–Kitchen issues

–Faith Forward Funding – $588 has been allocated in the budget for next year, the program will be ordered this summer, and a decision will be made about who will maintain the program.

–Our Daily Bread requirements about where to cook the meal being served are at odds with what works logistically for some of the volunteers involved. More information will be gathered.

–The timing of different Volunteer Recognition activities

–Approval of and plans to set in motion the Mentorship Proposal by Jamie Mendenhall,

–Transitioning to new Ministry Council, and specifically the May 6th service for installation of new lay ministers

–Ministry Council Retreat – A start was made at scheduling a retreat for the incoming Lay Ministers in June or July.

–Emerita/i/us status for Lay Ministers – Discussion of the role as ‘wise ones’ versus the title itself. Decision was made to use the title sparingly, when an emerita/i/us is serving in the stead or to give gravity or standing in a situation outside the Fellowship.

Action items were reviewed, and the meeting was adjourned.

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