Board member notes: Relationships

What is our place in the web of life? What is my place in the web of life? What is our place at UUFA? What is my place at UUFA?

We ask for definition of our roles and relationships so take a measure of how we fit in. We want to know where we are doing well. We want to know where we should improve. Leadership at UUFA struggles with defining relationships. This is a normal and natural struggle because the kinds of people who come to UU tend to be the kind of people who want to question and search for better answers.

For at least the past couple of decades the struggle has been spurred by congregational growth in numbers of people. In the midst of this struggle we found a very helpful resource in Dan Hotchkiss’s book Governance and Ministry. Hotchkiss’s insight in organizing church leadership gave direction to untangling ministry from governance.

One outcome of this is that a portion of the monthly BOT meeting is devoted to discussing a “big picture” topic. From these discussions we discover ideas that guide our decision making. This is how we look for answers to questions like “can some of us, members of UUFA, speak for all of us?” and “who determines how UUFA is portrayed in the community?” Only by considering and discussion together will UUFA move forward and grow well. ~ Liz Weaver, Member-at-Large