Wondering with AWE – March-April 2018

Happy Spring Equinox!

Despite the flowers and trees blooming all around us, the temperature refuses to stay warm. I’ve grown to welcome the long, warm springtime in Georgia, but this one seems colder. And the cold is throwing my husband’s gardening into chaos. When we had that earlier cold snap he already had planted some collards and broccoli, but they didn’t survive the frost. A garden certainly teaches the gardener humility as we come to accept that we are not in control of all things.

As the seasons turn and March becomes April, we begin a new monthly theme for the Fellowship to ponder: Relationships. In a conversation I had recently with a newcomer, we talked about the need for face-to-face connections. We both believed that relationships on social media can tend to be superficial. They are not always people you can count upon and some people you may never really ‘know’ .

As members and friends of a face-to-face, caring community such as UUFA claims to be, we can cut through the distance of online relationships and get to know each other more closely, dare I say intimately, but without that word’s romantic overtones.

Religious communities are one of the few places where generations meet. Usually, we are very segmented in our schooling, work, or even neighborhoods. There are many benefits to being in relationship with those younger and older than ourselves. We learn from each other. And as fast as life changes these days, staying in touch with younger generations is more important than ever!

As the month proceeds, I hope you’ll reflect on the relationships in your life. How do you engage with others, especially those who are not like you? How do your relationships challenge you, comfort you, or increase your happiness? Which relationships need improving, which ones need an ending? We’ll engage with these and many more questions over the coming month. Join us for the conversation!

Rev. Alison W. Eskildsen