New UUFA Survey! Input Wanted!

The UUFA Committee on Shared Ministry serves to strengthen the quality of the governance and ministries of UUFA. Part of the way we fulfill that mission is to systematically collect information from members and others who routinely support and engage in the activities of the UUFA. This year we are focusing on the ministries related to Lifespan Development, with a strong focus on Religious Education. Your input is very important to the UUFA as it sets goals and makes plans for moving forward. Please help us out by completing the survey found at the following link:  (Paper copies are available in the office for those who prefer that format.)

Click here to take the survey now!

The findings will be summarized and presented to the full congregation at our annual meeting, and detailed information will be shared with the leadership to provide an additional source of information for planning and budgeting. Thank you for your time and support of UUFA!