Justice Cluster Recognizes Active SAC Volunteers

In January UUFA’s Justice Cluster led by Karen Solheim is recognizing active members of the Social Action Committee (SAC). SAC is the oldest among the cluster’s groups and initiatives which include Our Daily Bread, the Interfaith Hospitality network, FREE (Food Responsibility and Enjoyable Eating), the Sanctuary Movement Team, and the Green Sanctuary Team.

Karen and the Justice Cluster are thanking individuals who have been active members of SAC in 2017: Chair David Jarrett, Greg Davis, Caryl Sundland, Ange Kahn, Connie Bruce, Carol-Lee Baker, Jean-Marie Buxton, Deb Brenner, Ed Helm, Julie Sapp, Barb Leissner, Nancy MacNair, Rick Fyock, Sandra Storer, Virginia Carver, and Adrien Helm.

The focus of SAC used to be on what its individual members were doing throughout the Athens community. SAC’s focus is now on initiatives sponsored by SAC in particular, and often by UUFA in general. Initiatives sponsored by SAC include activities such as the Smart Lunch Smart Kids sandwich making, the Cause of the Month Conversations, and the Share the Plate Program along with the Christmas Angel Project, CANtributions for the Athens Area Emergency Food Bank, and the Common Read Discussions.

The members of SAC do realize that many UUFA justice warriors who do not attend the monthly meetings of SAC are a part of this congregation as are many former members of SAC; the members of SAC value those who participate in justice work beyond that of SAC and also value the overwhelming support they feel they receive from the Fellowship.

Diane Bridges of the Volunteer Recognition Team worked with Karen to organize this month’s recognition.