In April We Celebrate Our Surroundings

The Fellowship in 3 Dimensions:
Our Buildings, Grounds and Sacred Objects

In a year of homecoming, which homes do we remember?  In her work for the Diamond JUUbilee Committee, Diane Bridges has gathered images and artifacts tracing the UUFA in its movements around the community and its blending of the aesthetic and the spiritual over the decades. In April the committee focuses on her discoveries and our surroundings.

First known as the Universalist Unitarian Community Church, the founders met in members’ homes and later in the City Court Room, UGA dorm rooms, Temple Israel, Hillel House, Georgian Hotel, Women’s Club Room, Lumpkin House, Chase Street Elementary’s cafeteria and 834 Prince Avenue in a building purchased from the Assembly of God.

In 1992 UUFA moved to 780 Timothy Road on acreage found by Jane King as she walked in the area.  Jim, Ann, and Alice Woodruff among others were instrumental in creating the building which was designed by David Osler. It was originally planned as a two story building with a tower.  The sanctuary was to be on the second floor and the fellowship hall and classrooms below. Further planning led to the current single story design with the pyramid. Elizabeth Bishop-Martin, Ann Woodruff, and Virginia Carver were on the aesthetics committee.  Kay Giese also worked with the need/flow preliminary plan.

Diane Bridges worked with committee members to learn the origins of the objects which deepen our worship throughout the Fellowship’s present home. For the history of the stained glass doors leading to the sanctuary, the altar table and other revered objects, please visit Diane’s complete listing available here. Find images and descriptions here. If you find omissions or inaccuracies, please check with Diane at 

The 60th Anniversary Committee is also celebrating the work of the Building and Grounds Committee in April. Chaired by Rosemary Wood, the Building & Grounds Committee works to maintain and improve the Fellowship’s building and outside areas by coordinating skilled volunteers; setting special Spring/Fall Cleaning days for congregational involvement; recommending needed expenditures to the Board; and coordinating projects with the Green Sanctuary Committee, all to provide a safe, attractive, and ecologically sound environment for our Fellowship. Any concerns about maintenance or recommendations for improvements are appreciated and should be tagged “Building & Grounds” and sent by e-mail to UUFA. Check Tapestry for details on the committee’s April 26 Spring Work Day.

In April we are also recognizing the Green Sanctuary Committee almost a year after its application for Green Sanctuary designation was approved by the UUA. The committee is building partnerships with the various committees at UUFA. Chair Terry Jones reports, “In our partnership with Buildings and Grounds, we are currently working to reduce energy and water usage at our facility, which will save us money as well as help the environment.  We are also working on attaining a ‘Wildlife Habitat’ certification from the Audubon Society and creating a garden area where the RE classes can learn about plants and ‘play in the dirt.’”  The committee’s April 27 Earth Day service will celebrate its two-month Give It Up for Earth challenge. To learn how you can participate, visit here.    

As the UUFA community continues to grow, discussion is underway on how to adapt the building and grounds to meet new needs. The Committee on Shared Ministry is hosting Dreaming the Future sessions along with a survey beginning in April to give members and friends an opportunity to share their visions for the Fellowship. RSVP for the April 5 World Café and learn more about Dreaming the Future here.