Celebrating Our Early Members in March

Our Forum Full of Memories – March 16, 2014

From a nucleus of eight to ten families in 1954 UUFA First-Meeting-Roll-265has grown to a community of nearly 500 supporters. During March 2014 the Diamond JUUbilee committee led a celebration of our founders and early members. During the March 16 Forum we heard from our remaining founders, Ethel Foster and Don Martin, via video tape. Ethel was joined by Don’s son to view the interviews. Ethel and Don’s interview is part of the JUUbilee video being recorded to capture the memories and expectations of UUFA members and friends.

Jack and Ethel Foster in the early days of UUFA

The March 16 Forum featured a panel of other long-time members, including James Woodruff (1960), Larry Dendy (1976), Elizabeth Bishop-Martin (1982), Stu Fors (1979), and moderator Margaret Holt (1972). Altogether, these members bring 201 years of experience and memories to the discussion. Other long-time members and friends joined a full house to remember the early days. During the 9:00 am and 11:30 am March 16 services, the congregation honored the founding members. JUUbilee committee member Hester Meyers headed the March celebration. Watch for her display to the left as you enter the sanctuary doors. Hester is also helping to update Horace Montgomery’s history of the Fellowship.


Don Martin, Jr., son of a founder, left, with Ethel Foster, center right, surrounded by UUFA members and friends










Founding member Don Martin speaks via video to the Forum.
Founding member Don Martin speaks via video to the Forum.


The panel captures Fellowship memories.
The panel captures Fellowship memories.









Son of founding member Don Martin (aisle seat right); founding member Ethel Foster (third from aisle seat right) at the Forum, March 16, 2014

More Diamond JUUbilee news:

  • The JUUbilee committee is pleased to announce that UUA Moderator Jim Key will lead the November 1, 2014, congregation-wide celebration. A highlight of the event packed day is an afternoon reception for all ages.
  • The committee will be back in April with JUUbilee mug sales to help support the year of celebration. And watch for royal blue t-shirts arriving this spring.

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